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Set up your project settings

A full project file consist of : settings , a map, Z layers and events.

This is the type of file you need to host your own project, if some of the pieces is missing the user-faced page will not work

A partial project can consist of a max of 4 parts: settings, map, Z layers and events

¿Why partial project?

You may want to create more than one map or a different series of events / Layer contents, to dynamicaly swap on your project

You can import extra data this way or you may be still on the proccess of creating your page, and dont have all of the contents figured out

Its really important that you fuse all of your partial project files on at least one full file, otherwise the page will not work

Unless you have a previously worked on file, that you or someone else created

You will want to create a new project, clicking on you can define how some basic aspects of your page are going to look

For more help you can read the guide below or watch this video(WIP)
Begginers stuff

To begin you will need some sort of tileset

if you dont have one, you can make one, permanent or provisional (the tile set and config can be changed at any moment)

Or you can download one from OpenGameArt (Remember to always credit the artists!)

Whatever Tileset you choose, its really important that you know the size of the individual tiles

Incase you dont know the size you can use some photo editing tool like GIMP or photoshop, activate grid display and measurment tools

Lastly set a size to your map (It will be measured in tiles), if you are still lost, dont worry

You can check the Documentation (WIP) (There will be another link on the editor)

Or press to what a finished page looks like

For more in-depth help click the little buttons on each section

If this is your first time here, you will want to make a brand new project, so click on "start from the ground up"
And most importantly, remember to have fun while making your page, and be creative. Thats what make your space on the web special